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    Everyone uses the internet, and more likely than not most people will be watching videos. Videos are not the most popular thing to search on the internet. Everything is in video form and that’s because that’s the way we prefer it. It’s easy and quick and doesn’t take much time, here are some reasons you should use videos for your business.

    As the internet is ever changing and the rules of site optimisation on Google change on almost a weekly basis, video has become the fast growing medium online out stripping podcasts, pictures and blog updates in terms of searches and engagement.

    You Tube is now the second biggest search engine online. It is available in 43 countries in over 60 languages and with over 12 million people across a mere 5 EU countries including the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain viewing videos on their mobiles, web videos have never been more important than today.

    If we look at the recent statistics the target market of You Tube is between 18 and 54 years old. People who watch videos on their mobile watch for around 3 times longer than PC users. By 2013 it is predicted that 90% of all internet traffic will be from video. This is why web video will be more crucial than Google rankings.

    The Pros

    The use of video allows you to get your message across easily without having to write it down in pages of content. By using video it is possible to convey in two or three minutes what it could have taken you over two pages to write. It is also true that 60% of people that use the internet prefer information that is delivered through video. The reason people prefer video is due to their attention span. Do you remember being at school and your teacher telling you that the average attention span was around 20 minutes. On the internet this is not the case, in fact it’s around three seconds. If you haven’t captured their attention by then forget it, because they have.

    The Cons

    There aren’t any. You’re probably thinking you need some great equipment and editing software and you need to go to exotic locations to shoot. You’re wrong. Well, you can if you want to spend the money. If not, then there are loads of other cheap options. In today’s world people like to know who they’re dealing with, they like the friendly approach and they like to know exactly what’s going on. If you don’t think you can produce the video yourself there are a lot of video production businesses out there that could help you, and they’re extremely affordable. These companies use the fact that they employ hundreds of people to work on these videos on a daily basis, they do this so that videos can be created quickly and efficiently and at the same time they can offer you great prices.

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